• 2020 WePlay Level Up!

    Dimension culture area

    HYPERGRYPH with Arknights confirmed attend

    Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River

    Take a trip through the Ming Dynasty!

    Khan Kon 2020

    This year's theme:The Cthulhu culture

    Large theme area coming soon

    The Chinese style, martial arts, fairy themed games and…?

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    Signature/Meet and Greet/Individual Show, Exhilarating our fans down to their cells.

    Yu Suzuki

    Noriyuki Iwadare

    Kotena Kanako

    Kotaro Uchikoshi


    Koji Igarashi

    Michiru Yamane / Ayami Kojima

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    Individual Show

  • Key Numbers of WePlay2019


    1000WOnline Live Streaming views


    2200W+Related Topics on Weibo


    100+Medias Attendance

    (Including online media, overseas media, KOL, Influencer)

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